The review of methods of penis enlargement at home

The dimensions of manhood are discussed in many resources on the Internet. With this question, turn to a professional doctor in the least. First, men try to solve the "problem" yourself. We have done a detailed review of all methods of penis enlargement that you can practice yourself.

The penis enlargement: myths and reality

the penis enlargement at home

"Human performance is limitless." This cliche is fully confirmed in andrology. To enlarge the penis in length and width is easy enough, with the proper choice of the methodology and have patience and perseverance.

Physiological conditions

The ability of tissues to stretch and increase in volume have long been known. Even African tribes that have survived so far, out neck girls or earlobes male to unnaturally large sizes. This effect is based on the ability of cells to divide under the influence of tensile strength. The only condition is that the appropriate force is constantly applied over a long time. Then the body begins to "perceive" these conditions are permanent and include the mechanism of adaptation.

In medicine first used this property in traumatology — the Ilizarov apparatus is still used successfully to increase bone and compound fractures. In plastic surgery so building up the skin if necessary to close a large wound or burn surface. Recently in andrology in this way learned how to enlarge the penis.

General tips for penis enlargement at home

Before you begin to self-correction of the penis, it is better to consult a doctor and find out how it is justified from a medical point of view. Absolute indications are:

  • Small size body (less than 12 cm in a state of excitement).
  • Organ injury with its subsequent curvature.
  • Psychological problems and complexes that cannot be overcome psychotherapeutic treatment.

The techniques described in the next section, adapted to be used independently and can be used by any patient at his request. It is important not to forget about some of the rules:

  • Clear implementation instructions and safety.
  • At the slightest pain, visit a doctor to exclude microtraumas body.
  • Focus on the recommended duration of treatment (rapid effect is not worth waiting).

Each described method has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will try to objectively inform their readers.

Methods and devices


This is one of the oldest methods of increasing the length and thickness of the penis. Performed hands. On the Internet a lot of videos on this topic. We will focus on the General points:

  1. All exercises are based on promoting filling of the corpora cavernosa with blood and a small stretching of the tissues of the penis.
  2. Duration of regular exercise should be at least a few months. Only in this case it is possible to see the result.
  3. To prevent injury, it is better to use lubrication and to abide by other safety rules.
  4. The excitation level must be average (around 50%). In highly excited penis exercise to do.
  5. Of the fingers formed a ring, which encircles the penis at the base. Creates moderate compression.
  6. Next, the arm moves up. The force of the tightening member must be the same.
  7. Then change hands and repeat the movement.

To achieve the effect required daily to repeat the exercise at least 200-300 times in the first 2 weeks and at least 500 times since the third week. Intensity of repression are increasing gradually. Continuous classes start with 10 minutes, adjusted to 20 minutes a day. If any pain stop the exercises.


Recently appeared offers cosmetic products of various brands that promise to increase your manhood quickly, painlessly and without any effort. Of course, it's so tempting to RUB the cream several times a day and just wait for the effect. Consider whether or not they "work":

  • Most creams and gels for penis consist of substances that improve the rubbing composition and extracts of pathogens, which increase the blood flow in the tissues.
  • All funds are guaranteed to stimulate micro-circulation in the body and its blood circulation, have a warming effect.
  • Any abstract "tells" that such a remedy is intended to strengthen the erection and make the sensation of sexual intercourse brighter and more saturated.
  • Myths about increase in size based on a stretching of the tissue during agitation, which in a calm state back to their original size.

The use of cosmetics encouraged by doctors to improve nutrition and blood supply of the organ, but increase the length and width of the penis for a long time in this way is impossible. One of the benefits of cosmetics is the relative security provided well-known brands, which guarantees the absence creams allergic or toxic substances.

3.Decoctions and infusions

Herbal medicine has in its Arsenal of herbs that really enhance blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa and improve erectile function. To consider them as a way of sustainable lengthening of the body should not be, but in the complex therapy they are very useful. Here are some recipes:

  • Thyme. 100 g of dry grass pour boiling water (200 ml) and infuse until cool. Drink twice a day after meals.
  • Garlic tincture (available at pharmacies): 25 drops twice a day.
  • Pulmonaria officinalis. To prepare an infusion (Cup of boiling water 10 g of grass) and take a 20 ml three times a day.
  • Honey with nuts. Mixed in equal proportions and take a spoonful three times a day. The tool increases the potency.

Effective extracts of Ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, ginseng. You can include in the diet more greens and seafood. They all have a positive impact on sexual function of men. Important prior to using to ensure no Allergy.


massage for a member

This technique is a type of modern devices — extenders. Even ancient African tribes hung the goods on the manhood for an extension. On fabric the force of tension, causing them to stretch. For what would this old method did not lead to injuries, it is necessary to implement some of the recommendations:

  1. You must first warm up the tissue, improve blood circulation in them. To do this, use manual massage.
  2. The structure is fixed on the penis and on it hung the first small cargo.
  3. In a few minutes the Assembly is removed and again the massage.
  4. Further, the suspended load that much weight.
  5. This continues for a long time.

This method really allows for a few months to increase the size of the body. But it is very inconvenient, takes a long time, privacy and great care, as the slightest miscalculation in strength can lead to injury. As a result, the answer to the question "how to easily increase penis at home" is not disclosed.

5.Vacuum pump

This plastic cylinder of diameter corresponding to the thickness of the penis. One end is attached to a special pump. Principle of operation:

  1. The penis is placed in a device which creates negative pressure.
  2. Blood starts to come in the corpora cavernosa. There is an increase in length and width, similar to erection.
  3. Then clamp the ring member in order to keep the blood back.
  4. Once the ring is removed, the size returns to the original.

Thus, the increase in the size of the penis this method is temporary.

Manufacturer of vacuum pump, position it as a way of improving erection. Careless use may develop complications: edema, trauma, fractures body.

6. Extender

It is a modern device, which makes the procedure more comfortable and most importantly — effective. The design is simple: two rings (one is attached to the pubis at the base of the penis, the glans) connected by metal rods, which regulate the stretching force. The filler is made of hypoallergenic medical materials. Consider in more detail its variations

  • Belt — ring on the head is a plastic tube.
  • Belt instead of tube, use the strap that better distributes the pressure on the fabric and less constricted to the head of the penis.
  • Combined connection of the principles of first and second type.

The use of extenders is supported by nearly all doctors as a conservative method of increasing the length and width of the penis at home. There are two methods of application.


First, you need to experiment to find the initial tension. Criteria are, on the one hand, sufficient strength, but no pain. This strain is used for 10 days. Then barbell curls one space and again do not change the distance of 10 days. Do some more cycles.


Provides for the establishment of maximum tension between the rings of the device on a daily basis. Every 15 minutes the rod tighten up as long as feelings will not be to border on pain.

General guidelines

Regardless of the type of extender doctors developed precise instructions for their use:

  • For a more comfortable wear under the extender fits over the gasket (usually included in the modern models). This allows to increase the daily usage time of the device.
  • To achieve the desired result, the tensile force must act at least 4 hours daily. But doctors recommend to split up this time and take breaks every hour and a half. The effect is not affected.
  • You start with a classical technique. Only through a floor of year of application, you can go for power (if necessary, a further increase in the body).

The result of the extender will become visible only after a month, but he retained for life. For the 6 months of regular use may increase the length up to 5 cm and width 1.5 cm

Which method is best for penis enlargement

For ease of comparison, all methods of penis enlargement, we collected their significant characteristics in the table.



Vacuum pump



Mechanism of action

Stimulation of cell division under the DC stretching

Short-term increase in blood body, which takes place after use of the device

Blood filling the corpora cavernosa due to mechanical stimulation

Stimulation of cell division under the DC stretching

The need for pre-ejaculation


Necessarily, as vacuum exposure almost always leads to an erection.

There, the excitement should be average


Mode of application

2-8 hours a day for several months (mode, "gentle", you can skip days).

Daily for 45 minutes twice a day.

10-20 minutes a day


The stability of the effect

High, after reaching the result, he retained throughout life. A good result for the treatment of the penis.

Low, the effect disappears immediately after the vacuum procedure.

Only at the time of exercise.


The need for additional funds



So, grease


The normalization of erectile function

There is, long.

There are short-term.



Side effects

Virtually no.


Can be

A lot



Urethritis, diseases of the kidneys and liver, diabetes, diseases of the coagulation system and others.


A lot

how to increase the member

Ways to increase penis size in length and width quite a lot, but most have short-term effect or apply only to stimulate erection. Only the method of wearing the extender is guaranteed to solve the problem permanently and safely. I hope that this material could fully answer the question of how to make dick bigger at home.