How to increase the length and width of a member

Increasing the length of the member is one of the main worries about 63% of men on earth. It turns out that not every representative of the stronger sex happy with the size of his dignity. The reason for this can be any woman who dreams of a more deep penetration or the feeling of inferiority that may occur throughout life. Earlier it was considered a real problem, because to make the penis longer was something out of science fiction, and now practice to increase male organ become so natural, that allow to achieve the desired result in a short period of time.

how to increase the member

In this article we will explain how to increase the length of your penis without surgery and for a short period of time. All our recommendations are based on the experience of millions of people, and real researchers, doctors, and because you can use them without fear for their own health.

Penis enlargement through exercises

In fact, increasing the length of the penis possible at any age. Another thing is that in 18 or 20 is much easier to do than 30, but even men who decided to increase their advantage after 40, point to the effectiveness of the methods used. Some of them will require some volitional, and even physical exertion and other procedures are completely painless and can be carried out in secret from everyone. Experts recommend to do special exercises to increase length of a member, which can be done regularly, twice a day to achieve a visible result after one month. To implement them will require you to use warm water, a soft cloth and Terry towels. If you are ready to increase manhood, you will need to perform the following manipulations with your penis:

  1. Dampen a rag in warm water;
  2. Wrap it member;
  3. Start to RUB the cock back and forth motions until you feel that it will become warmer;
  4. After that, wipe dry the penis;
  5. Let the rest of the penis about 5 minutes;
  6. Pull on the head skin to the right, and then smoothly pull to the left.

The men who used these exercises to increase the length of the penis, within 3 weeks they felt a visible result, the penis not only increased in length by an amount of 3 to 4 cm, but also in width. The main advantage of this method of increasing advantages is that it has no contraindications and even helps to get rid of many men's problems. For example, if until now you suffer from impotence, after a special massage, you will be able to forget about her, if not forever, then for a very long time.

What is the best gel or cream for penis enlargement?

If you do not believe in the massage of a member to increase length and width, in this case, you can use many other techniques that will help to achieve the goal. For example, the very popular special gels and creams that allow you to achieve greater penis size in just 14 days.

Acupressure and visualization to increase penis

In search of how to increase the length of the penis, many men even use volitional methods of influence on the penis and leave positive feedback about this method. About 10% of men claim that they got make your body more thanks to the daily visualizing yourself as the owner of a large member. Interestingly, experts also point to the effectiveness of this method, for if "to tune to a certain wave", can cause blood to pool in his groin than to trigger the accelerated division of stem cells, whereby the member will increase in size.

Another equally amazing method of how to increase the length of your penis at home is acupressure. The catch is that each person's body has its individual points, the impact of which has beneficial effects on various organs in the human body. These points are located on:

  • Earlobes;
  • The feet;
  • Palms.

Not the fact that you are in search of a simple way to increase a member in length and width, just find the right spot, but also to improve overall health will be able to 100%, and there may be, and you will find a special place, regular clicking on which will trigger the blood flow where you need it and enlarge the penis to the desired size.

Hardware methods of penis enlargement at home

If you are interested in, whether it is possible to increase the length of your penis using other methods, you can use the recommendations of doctors, and use a special device created specifically for this purpose. For example, in the search for new ways how to increase penis in thickness and length, you can use a vacuum pump. It is a special device that is designed to pull the male sexual organ, while also promoting greater tide of blood cells to it's connective tissues. Thus, the penis very quickly begins to increase, and noticeable results you will be able to get in the first day of using a vacuum pump.

penis enlargement.

Among the disadvantages of this method are:

  1. Careless use of a vacuum pump can injure the skin on dignity;
  2. The pump is connected with the test, some discomfort and even pain;
  3. After the first use, the member will return to its original state after 24 hours.

If desired, you can assign the result of using vacuum pump for 3-6 hours daily for 3-6 months. The result will be able to make the penis larger by 3-5 centimeters and thicker at 1.5 cm for life.

Before you increase the length of your penis at home using penis pumps or any other device designed for this purpose, it is recommended to visit andrologist. The expert will produce a detailed consultation, to determine the presence of contraindications to the use of a device and give recommendations for their correct use.

Remember: the use of a pump is contraindicated:

  1. Patients cardiovascular disease;
  2. In the presence of neuroses and mental disorders;
  3. After the transfer of surgical intervention on the penis;
  4. If the skin of manhood there are abrasions or other injuries;
  5. In case of thrombophlebitis.

If you do not want to spend money to increase your rank then you will be interested to know whether it is possible to increase the length of the penis by using the devices created by their own hands. The experts give a positive answer to this question and is recommended to use a filler. It can be bought in special shops or even to do it yourself.

The usual litter consists of:

  1. Two axles with wire, solid plastic (knitting needles your grandma, too);
  2. Thrust washer made of plastic and the hinge;
  3. A flexible strip of plastic with a bundle of soft material.

The emphasis of the extender falls on the base of the penis, the noose is placed on the tip of my penis, so she distracted her. The plastic strap of the harness to pull the head, which avoids compression of the blood vessels in the penis. Combining the presented materials as pictured, you will receive a homemade filler that will be quite serviceable.

Many users already experience tried can a homemade extender to increase the length of the penis and were convinced of a positive result. The device will stretch the penis during the day, causing the member to "remember" the necessary dimensions that you will ask him yourself, and will forever remain great. Wear it will need as much as a vacuum device for lengthening, and the result of using the device will be the same. Contraindications to the use of the extender are also similar to those that exist for the vacuum pump. The only caveat is the degree of tension of the advantages you will need to adjust yourself, every week, increasing it to 0, 5 centimeters.

Now you know how to increase the size and width of manhood in the home and using the methods described to achieve your goal in a short time.